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Spring Framework

Spring Integration Tutorial - XML Payloads

Spring Integration has components specialized in dealing with messages with XML payloads. These components make use of standard technologies specialized in the processing of XML documents, such as XPATH expressions and XSLT transforms. The components have the same kind of functions as the core components - such as filters, transformer, splitters, and router - but are easier to configure, since no Java coding is required to process messages or implement configuration strategies. ...

Spring Framework

Securing REST WebServices with Spring Security and ...

I show how to implement secure REST WebServices using HTTP authentication and Spring Security framework. I review the server side configuration for Spring Security to setup Basic and Digest HTTP authentication. For the client side the Spring Framework class RestTemplate is tailored with a custom ClientHttpRequestFactory so that the HTTP headers are set with the required HTTP authentication information. ...


Web View Templates with JSP ViewResolver(s)

ViewResolver(s) are a common abstraction in request-driven MVC Web Framework to abstract and encapsulate the process by which a logical view name is mapped to physical view resource file. I propose the use of a type of a JspTemplateViewResolver, as a mean to automate the composition of web pages layout using plain-old JSP/JSTL views. JSP view templates use path expressions in include tags to insert pages main content...

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